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Making of the Bows

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Woody knot Crafts is situated in the enchanted and beautiful countryside of Cornwall
 A County still Strong in Celtic Tradition and Blessed with many Surviving Sites of Great Antiquity.
 Wood with Character due to battles in growth is selected and gathered from the wild.

        After Seasoning These rustic gems are crafted into works of a Unique Character using Celtic art, languages, Mythology and Symbols as an influence.

                 Products so far being..

Walking sticks.

Primitive Self Bows.

  Tippers and Beaters for the Bodhran Drum.

    Bronze, Copper and Bone used for added artistic work with Lacquer and Oils creating a superior finish  

       All finished items are plunged into Dozmary pool as an offering to the mythical "Lady of the Lake"...  

                                                                               ..(see Celtic folklore and Arthurian Legend)


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